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ACAD Basic Curriculum (ABC) Sample Materials

The ACAD Basic Curriculum (ABC) training program delivers fundamental knowledge to support skills in the nuclear industry. GP Strategies’ ACAD training consists of the following nine modules:

  • Mathematics
  • Classical Physics
  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
  • Mechanical Science
  • Electrical Science
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Nuclear Science

Customize a program to meet your specific needs.

The 9 modules are further divided into a total of 85 chapters. Each chapter is cross-referenced to the ACAD topics of the specific disciplines. This allows selection of topics applicable to specific target audiences within the ACADs addressed. The program is designed for the new and beginning student. The ACAD Basic Curriculum gives you the flexibility to teach a class of mixed disciplines or to select only those topics necessary for a given discipline.

Each chapter contains a student text, instructor guide, PowerPoint presentation, and a question bank that can be used for examinations. The materials are provided on a CD in Microsoft Office Suite (Word and PowerPoint). The materials are in the same format as the extremely successful, GP Strategies Generic Fundamentals training materials. The student text is a two-column format with table of contents, objectives, embedded graphics, and glossary. There are example problems in the student text and practice exercises at the end of each chapter.

See samples of our ACAD Basic Curriculum courseware.

To sample the courseware, download the following samples:

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