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ACAD Basic Curriculum (ABC)

GP Strategies is proud to offer the industry’s leading training product to help you meet the training and qualification requirements of your nuclear power plant personnel. Our ACAD Basic Curriculum (ABC) training materials are owned by over 65% of the commercial nuclear sites in the US. GP Strategies’ ABC is designed to meet the fundamental training requirements of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), as addressed in:

  • ACAD 90-003 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Shift Technical Advisors
  • ACAD 90-016 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Non-licensed Operators
  • ACAD 92-008 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Maintenance Personnel
  • ACAD 93-008 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Radiological Protection Technicians
  • ACAD 97-012 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Chemistry Technicians
  • ACAD 98-004 Guidelines for Training and Qualification of Engineering Personnel
  • ACAD 00-003 Guidelines for Initial Training and Qualification of Licensed Operators

Provide fundamental skills training to your new hires.

GP Strategies’ ACAD Basic Curriculum program is designed for the new and beginning student. The material is written to a 9th grade reading level, so it’s accessible to a diverse range of students. There are example problems in the student text and practice exercises at the end of each chapter to ensure comprehension and effectiveness.

These materials address fundamental topics identified in the INPO ACAD Guidelines. For your licensed operators, GP Strategies’ ABC training materials address additional fundamental topics required by ACAD 00-003 that are not included in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s requirements in NUREG-1122 and 1123. In addition to training new hires, these materials can be used as a refresher to prepare licensed operator candidates who have been away from any fundamentals training before entering into our Generic Fundamentals (GF) program.

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